Air Con

Are you having problems with the air conditioning in your car? Suffering with the misting up of your car on damp winter days because your air conditioning isn’t working?

  • We can test the integrity of your vehicle’s air conditioning system – check for leaks.
  • Has your air conditioning system been out of order for a while? Then we can evacuate the system before recharging, ensuring that we remove any air or dampness within the system which could cause problems in the future
  • We capture any R134a gas remaining in your car’s system before regassing – which is better for the environment. It is illegal to deliberately vent air conditioning gas into the atmosphere.
  • We can replace damaged components such as the compressor, condensor, evaporator and the system piping.

Call us now (01460 64468) for our opinion on any problems that you may have with your air conditioning system and/or to book your car in for a repair or maintenance.

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